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Custom web site making at a good price

In certain cases a free open source content management system can be a good choice when it comes to creating a web site, but if there are some special user needs, or graphic solution then creating a custom web page is the better choice.

Custom web site making at a good price

How long does it take to create a custom web site?

Since the quality of internet communication became an important factor of being competitive it is not enough to have a simple web page. We need a web page which belongs to the top, if we want to achieve good results.

The development time of a custom web site depends on many factors, but mainly it is proportionate to the complexity of the site. Once the graphical design was prepared and accepted by the customer the programming usually takes 30-45 workdays. This time can be one or two weeks if the site has a simpler structure.

Most of the web sites created by the ReelWeb team have an administrative page, since nowadays it is a basic requirement. This way the operator of the page can directly upload or modify the content.

Responsive web page making

Next to the custom web site that we create comes the site’s responsive – or in other words mobile – version that complies with the user needs. Responsive web design means that the layout adjusts to the actual screen size. In this field it is a common need that the web sites are primarily optimized to mobile phone displays, therefore the texts has to be perfectly readable. Due to the limited space available the site has to be simple and straightforward with a minimized data traffic.

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Date: 2019-12-17