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Having an automobile without maintenance costs

Hiring a car indisputably comes with many advantages. It is no mere chance that it is getting more and more popular nowadays in our country as well. Presuming that we require a car only a few occasions in a month, let's say for short trips to the countryside - or just for the annual holiday – maintaining an own car is not worth it. In this case a rented car is a more reasonable solution.

Having an automobile without maintenance costs

The advantages of a rented car

According to a recently conducted research an average car owner spends 35 thousand forints on his/her vehicle every month. If you really use your car on a daily basis then it is not a huge amount of money, just 3 times as much as a BKV pass. Although a car is at least 3 times as convenient as a bumpy tram, not to mention the fact that it transports you from door to door. However if you don't use it regularly then it is nothing but a waste of money.

When a car is not used, just kept in a garage, the only thing it does is getting older, and losing its market value. You should rather rent a car for these few occasions instead. With hiring a car you will only experience the bright side of driving or traveling – you can get everywhere in no time. You don't have to worry about maintenance costs or car thieves, and you don't even have to get it washed yourself. An additional advantage is that if you don't like (or can't) drive, you can always hire a chauffeur as part of the service.

A rented car is also a practical choice for those, who can afford a little bit of luxury, so that they can go to a company party or to the cinema with their own driver. Or they can just go to any party where they might drink alcoholic beverages if they fancy it. Do you want to go shopping in a store that is located at the other part of the city? No problem, rent a car and you don't have to worry about carrying the goods home.

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Date: 2019-09-20